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Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, US and Canadian customers can expect delivery within three to seven days of sale depending upon the postage option selection. International deliveries will usually take from seven to 14 days from sale.

Possibly! Customers are responsible for paying (if applicable) any custom fees, duties and/or taxes. CoreX is unable to pay these duties as they are levied at the country of delivery to the recipient.

Yes. The CoreX Bodyweight Trainer has an integrated door anchor that can be connected to a door in seconds. Other in house connection points include stair railings, stairs and beams. Installing a wall or ceiling mount is another option for home usage.

Practically anything. It can be secured to overhead bars, trees, poles, beams, playground equipment, fences….the list goes on.

CoreX caters for all fitness levels and body types. Intensity is controlled by you. Our accompanying fitness booklets detail how to decrease or increase work out intensity for our bodyweight and resistance trainers.

Yes, call free call Ph 855 96CoreX and a CoreCare™ representative will assist you in placing your order.

The resistance ratings of our bands are quoted at approximately mid-stretch level .If quoted at full stretch, like many of our competitors, our LBS weighting would more than double. We choose not to quote using this method as we believe it is disingenuous and does not reflect best practice. Our XX Strong band is one of the strongest bands ever made. So strong, CoreX developed a unique anchor ring to secure the nylon strap/webbing, as usual methods could not cope. Our bands have been simulated and evaluated against‘weights’ in real workout environments. In practice, our XX Strong band which is conservatively rated at 45lbs, is comparable to ‘weights’ of around 90lbs for arm curl or similar exercises and around 120lbs for overhead exercises. Of course, by attaching all three bands at once, tension is further increased.

Please refer to our resistance trainer video “Why CoreX” for an assessment of our band strength. CoreX stands behind its LBS ratings and reminds customers that a 30 day satisfaction return policy is provided on all our products.

Bands prematurely snap for two reasons:

  1. They are damaged by a small cut or graze – which rapidly becomes larger.
  2. Over stretching.

By protecting the resistance bands with a high quality fabric sleeve, the risk of the bands being cut or grazed is significantly reduced. The fabric sleeve also restricts stretching – close to the upper limit – which reduces the incidence of over stretching.
The fabric sleeve also significantly reduces injury risk in the event a band snaps, as movement is contained within the sleeve.

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