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CoreX Core2Mount Horizontal Resistance and Bodyweight Wall Mount


Measurements. Length: 24.25 inches. Width: 4.75 inches.


Product Description

  • The Core2Mount Horizontal is designed to mount and store multiple resistance bands, bodyweight trainers and RipFit trainers.
  • The Mount features two cross mounts that are ideal for hanging bodyweight trainers and two heavy duty, double headed hooks,that are terrific for mounting resistance bands and storing gym equipment.
  • The mount is also ideal for using and storing two Corex RipFit trainers.
  • The hooks features CoreX’s proprietary design that ensures resistance bands do not slide off when in use. Further, the hooks are devoid of any sharp edges thereby safeguarding resistance bands from cuts or grazes.
  • Supplied with 4 dyna bolts suitable for masonry mounting. Designed for horizontal wall mounting.

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