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CoreX Functional Fitness Parallette Dip Bars



Content: Two Dip Bars. Two CoreX Removable Spin Handles with 24 inch strap. Dimensions: Assembled Height 34 Inches. Bar width 27.5 inches. Base width 29 ¼ inches. Base length 21 inches. Base square tube: 2X2 inches. Allen key wrench supplied for assembly.


Product Description

  • The CoreX Function Fitness Parallette Dip Bars are designed for increased stability and functionality.
  • Further, the boots have been contoured for sidewards ground placement, thereby increasing stability when undertaking push up exercises.
  • The bars feature three padded handles, one on each (lower) side for push up exercises and one top dead centre of the bar for dips.
  • Two removable CoreX Spin handles are provided which loop over the bars enabling a range of hanging or push down bodyweight exercises.
  • Bar and based finished in a tough, durable, powder coating.

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