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CoreX Hanger Resistance Station

$899.00 $197.00

Weight 80lbs. Height: 82 Inches. Width 20 Inches. Base diameter 20 inches. Ships in large Wooden Crate. No Assembly Required. Needs to be drilled into solid floor. Concrete floor recommended. Hardware for concrete floor supplied (4 dyna bolts).

Product Description

  • The CoreX Hanger Resistance Station is the ideal storage and mounting station for resistance training.
  • The CoreX hanger features multiple attachment points. At the top there are four cross mounts. This is followed by 5 dual headed structural hooks that are terrific for resistance band exercises or for storing as well attaching RipFit Trainers (or team yellow’s competitor product). Below, are 10 “U” mounts spread over two rows for further attachment optionality which are often used for group exercises.
  • The CoreX Hanger can support upto 10 RipFit trainers (or team yellow’s competitor product) being used simultaneously. Further, the CoreX Hanger is designed to store RipFit trainers as well as resistance bands.
  • Near the base there are a further 4 “U” mounts that are ideal for battle rope attachment or resistance band exercises that require a low attachment point. Finally, there are 4 holes drilled into the base triangle structural members allowing for carabiner attachment.
  • The Hanger is a space efficient, easy to install station, that is ideal for space confined facilities or for facilities lacking structural walls. The CoreX Hanger’s footprint is a 20 inch diameter base that is secured by four bolts screwed into a concrete floor.


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