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CoreX Spin Free HandlesTM

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These revolutionary, ergonomic, dual molded handles, are designed for comfort, strength and low rolling resistance. The inner handle is molded from compressed nylon, which is far stronger, more durable and comfortable than plastic. The out handle “grip” is made from an extraordinary durable and comfortable rubber.

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Product Description

The handles are ergonomically designed to contour the palm and finished with a classic ‘old school’ milk bottle grip. Handle ends are tapered to reduce rolling resistance against nylon webbing. This results in more spin than similar handles thereby reducing elbow joint pressure than would otherwise be the case.
Suitable for gym equipment, resistance bands as well as suspension bodyweight trainers with carabiner connected handles. Comes with a lifetime warranty.
Two CoreX SpinFree™ handles, with chrome “D” rings. Handle length 13cms (5.12”), diameter 3.3cms (1.3”) (widest point), 2.8cm (1.1”) wide nylon webbing.
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