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Extender/Protector Strap

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This universal strap is ideal for high or thick anchor points for Bodyweight and RipFit trainers. Recommended for use where the anchor point is more than 9 ft. off the ground, or when anchoring to wide trees, columns, poles etc. Two or more extender straps can be joined for extended length.

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Product Description

The strap is also ideal for protecting resistance bands and delicate attachment points such as finished woodwork from damage. Instead of wrapping resistance bands around sharp or jagged edges (e.g., square poles, trees, etc). Use the CoreX Extender/Protector Strap as the attachment point to protect your equipment and/or furnishings.
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    R Marsh

    I have purchased CoreX RipFit products from here and very happy with my deal. I want free shipping on all products.

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