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Door anchor

Heavy Duty Bodyweight Trainer Door Anchor

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Product Description

This high quality door anchor is designed for the serious home user. It is ideal for those who want to use the CoreX Club Bodyweight Trainer at home and is universally designed to attach to nearly all Bodyweight trainers.

The anchor is supported by a tublar molded bar with round pvc fittings at each end. Testing has shown this design is optimum for door and frame contouring, thereby providing greater support and door protection.

The anchor is wrapped in a soft, yet sturdy material. Strong, 1.5″ wide nylon webbing, connects the anchor.
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2 reviews for Heavy Duty Bodyweight Trainer Door Anchor

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Loved the CoreX RipFit product, great quality and easy to use. I would definitely recommend!

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