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Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts in the Gym

Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts in the Gym

Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts in the Gym

Working out and staying fit is very much important today as over 93% of the impression we make initially is because of our appearance and body language. Whether you are attempting to find a job, move up in an organization, or attract a mate, you will be considerably more effective in doing so if you are in shape.
Listed below are the 5 Do’s and Don’ts that you must know while you are planning to go to the gym:


1. Wipe up your body sweat: This is the very first thing that you must do while you are in the gym. Keep a towel with you all the time while in the gym so as to wipe up your body sweat because no one wants to sit or be in someone else’s sweat.
2. Limit your time on Treadmill or other Cardio Machines: Do limit the time for treadmill or other cardio machines to 20-30 minutes if others are waiting for the turn.
3. Obey Gym rules: Must obey your gym rules such as wearing correct workout shoes, not using cell phones, and signing in at the front desk.
4. Share Equipment: If you are using any equipment and you see someone waiting to use the equipment, let them work when you rest.
5. Share benches in the locker room: Leave a little space for others so that they can use it while they change.


1. Don’t stare: Don’t stare at the other people because it makes other people very uncomfortable.
2. Don’t carry your gym bag with you on the gym floor: Use the locker room or coat check instead of carrying the gym bag with you on the gym floor.
3. Don’t treat the locker room like your personal bathroom: Throw away the trash in the waste cans and pick up your used towel and place them in the intended bins.
4. Don’t hog the weight machines: Agree to rotate your sets, when others want to use them.
5. Don’t make loud noises: Don’t make loud noises unless you are at a “serious” and try not to let your weights slam down on the gear or on the floor.
Don’t think going to the gym is a frivolous activity, it’s fun and it will be more fun, if everyone is respectful and considerate of others at the gym.

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